Stephanie’s Music Corner, Artist Spotlight: Red Ink

Red Ink is a Washington, DC based band that really falls under no specific genre. They have songs that range from pop to reggae. The band originally came together in 2007 using all of their backgrounds to treat this range of styles within their songs. Red Ink now plays stages up and down the east coast and has treated a buzz for themselves throughout the country and even over seas. Their EP was released earlier this year on Spent Records and they have been playing songs ever since in support of it. This DC band is one to watch because good things are coming to them.

 “Summer so Far” Charity Concert Follow up

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to check out the benefit show for Baltimore band “Summer So Far.” The outpouring of support from of their fans that was there was simply amazing to a see. This support was also evident within the bands that played the show along side “Summer So Far.” Each one dedicated one, if not every song to the boys.

The line up of bands for the show really showcased the talent of the Baltimore area. Each of the bands to play had unique sounds and stage shows. No two bands to play were anything alike, which made for a great show because you did not really know what to expect. Southern Maryland band “Count Your Blessings” put on their usual energetic stage show bouncing around and trying to get the crowd involved as much as possible. “Arlington Sleeps” had a crazy light show going on during their set, but it brought an interesting element to the hardcore lyrics and intense drumbeats and guitar rifts. “The Kindness of Strangers” was another one of the bands with an energetic stage show, but different from the rest in the fact that their music is really a cross between punk and hardcore. Truly they were an amazing band to watch. And then, of course, was “Summer So Far.” Their stage show was full of energy. From turning off the stage light and lighting the stage with light boxes on either side of the drummer to the bassist playing in a neck brace due to an injury sustained in the accident, you could not take your eyes off of them because you never knew what to expect.

The hardships that this band has been through in the past month would destroy most bands at this stage in their career, but “Summer So” Far has proven that they will not let that happen to them. They are dedicated to following their dreams and making this work. Even if you have never these boys you should support them because they will not cease to amaze you in the coming months.

 Stephanie’s Show Suggestions
D.C. has a ton of bars and venues that have live music on different nights of the week. Here are my picks on what shows you should consider checking out with week:


Try a little new wave music over at the Velvet Lounge with KoKo, Last Year’s Model (NYC) and The Simple Pleasure (CT).


How about a little rock-country in fusion? Then go check out local DC acts The Moderate and John Bustine at the Black Cat.


Take in a little bluegrass tonight over at Madam’s Organ with Bob Perilla & The Big Hillbilly Bluegrass Band.


Throw a little jazz into your weekly routine. Check out the opening night of Dr. Lonnie Smith’s stay at Blues Alley.


DC alternative rock band Rome In A Day will be headlining the 9:30 Club with the support of other local bands Redshift and The War Within.


Check out an all indie band line ups at the Rock and Roll Hotel with DC bands Red Ink, Drop Electric and The.Blackout.District., as well as NY band Tokyo Hotel.


Head back to the 9:30 Club for a little alternative/hip hop with Rehab (GA), Heavy Mojo (GA), and Chris Crisis.

It looks like a good week….Have a rockin time!


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